In view of the coming season 2023/2024 the technical staff of Balzan FC started evaluating their registered players and decided not to extend the contracts of foreign players Bojan Kaljevic, Matheus Nogueira Albuguerque de Sousa, Diver Duvan Torres Quinones, Bogdan Mladenovic, Delvin Chanel Ndinga, and Maltese goalkeeper Jonathan Debono, whose contracts came to an end at the end of season 2022/2023. Alexander Satariano will be returning to Frasinone Calcio, from loan.

On the other hand, foreign players Ivan Bozovic, Aleksa Andrejic, Momcilo Raso, Nikola Zerjal and Nikola Braunovic and Maltese player Paul Fenech, Zak Grech and goalkeeper Rudy Briffa had their contracts extended for season 2023/2024.

Meanwhile Gary Camilleri, Neil Frendo and goalkeeper Jake Pisani will be returning from loans to Sirens FC, Sliema W FC and San Gwann FC respectively.

At the moment negotiations are being concluded with new players that will be joining the club as soon as season 2023/2024 opens on 9th June 2023.