As soon as season 2018/2019 ended Balzan immediately started working for season 2019/2020.

Jacques Scerri was conformed as Head Coach with Spanish coach Alejandro Pantoja Goleate as his assistant and Edward Bartolo as the Goalkeeper’ coach. Serbian coach Bojan Stamatovic came in to help the coaches for the pre-season training and during the training camp in Sloven Gradec in Slovenia.

After releasing a number of players who gave their services during season 2018/19, the other foreign players which formed part of last season’s squad – Nenad Sljivic, Aleksandar Kosoric, Ricardo Calixto Correa Duarte, Uros Ljubomirac, Ivan Bozovic and Andrija Majdevac, were confirmed.

Balzan welcomed back Maltese youngsters Jamie Zerafa, Neil Frendo and Zak Grech who were on a short spell with Serbian clubs during last season.

The coaches and the administration started looking for new players to strengthen the squad in preparation for their first tests in the UEFA Europa League QR1 which is to be played in July 2019.