Under 17 team – Section “A”

Back Row L to R :- Jacob Cipriott (Goalkeepers coach); Rupert Mangion (coach); Craig Borg; Rees Demicoli; Sheldon Briffa; Aiden Mallia; Andre’ Attard; Isaac Scerri; Benjamin Mifsud; Miguel Busuttil; Darko Sujak; Jake Jovanoski; Alex Delia (Coach), Ludvic Bartolo (Head Coach).

Front RowL to R :- Marc Farrugia; Kurt Attard; Gabriel Diego Farrugia; Liam Azzopardi; Gianluca Cacciatore; Eric Atkins; Daniel Meilak; Luke Bezzina; Guiseppe Bonanno; Jake Grech.



U/17 Group G Sunday 15-Sep-2019  19:45 Mosta 7 Balzan vs Tarxien R 0
U/17 Group G Sunday 06-Oct-2019 08:30 Mosta 2 Swieqi vs Balzan 10
U/17 Group G Sunday 27-Oct-2019 09:00  Dingli 3 Balzan vs  Swieqi  1
U/17 Group G Saturday 02- Nov-2019 15:30  Mosta  0 Tarxien R  vs Balzan 6
U/17 KO  Sunday 17-Nov-2019 09:00 Siggiewi 10 Balzan  vs  Tarxien R 0
U/17 Section “A”  Saturday 23-Nov-2019 14:45 Siggiewi  0 Kirkop U vs Balzan 2
U/17 Section “A”  Saturday 30-Nov-2019 13:00  Mosta  4 Valletta  vs Balzan  0
U/17 K.O.  Saturday 14-Dec-2019 14:45  B’Buga 1 Naxxar L vs Balzan 6
U/17 Section “A” Saturday 21-Dec-2019 14:45 Mosta  2 Balzan vs  Pieta H 1
U/17 Section “A”  Sunday 05-Jan-2020  10:15  Sirens 3 Balzan vs Melita 1
U/17 Section “A”  Sunday 12-Jan-2020 10:15  Luxol  3 St Andrews vs  Balzan  2
U/17 Section “A”  Sunday 25-Jan-2020 14:45  Rabat  4 Hamrun S vs Balzan 0
U/17 Section “A”  Sunday 02-Feb-2020 14:45 Mosta  0  Balzan vs San Gwann 3
U/17 Section “A”  Monday 10-Feb-2020  14:45 Siggiewi 1 Balzan vs Kirkop U 0
U/17 K/O Sunday 23-Feb-2020 10:15 Luxol 3 Pieta H vs Balzan 0
U/17 Section “A”  Saturday 29-Feb-2020  13:00  Mosta  0  Balzan vs Valletta 1
U/17 Section “A”  Sunday 08-Mar-2020  10:15  Luxol  3 Pieta H vs Balzan 0
U/17 Section “A”  Sunday 15-Mar-2020  14:45  Melita Melita vs Balzan
U/17 Section “A”  Sunday 28-Mar-2020 09:00  Dingli  Balzan vs St Andrews
U/17 Section “A”  Saturday 18-Apr-2020 15:00  Siggiewi Balzan vs Hamrun S
U/17 Section “A” San Gwann vs Balzan


NOTE : The UNDER 17 LEAGUE 2019/2020 has been terminated on 29th April 2020 with the last 4 games still not played and the final standings to stay as on 8th March 2020.