Premier League Sunday 20-Sep-2020 17:00 National stadium 0 Tarxien R vs Balzan 1
Premier League Saturday 26-Sep-2020 21:15 National Stadium 0 Balzan vs Valletta 1
Premier League Thursday 01-Oct-2020 17:00 National Stadium 3 Mosta vs Balzan 3
Premier League Saturday 17-Oct-2020 15:00 National Stadium 1 Balzan  vs Lija A 0
Premier League Tuesday 20-oct-2020 21:15 Centenary 0 Zejtun C vs Balzan 0
Premier League Monday 26-Oct-2020 17:00 Centenary 2 Balzan vs Hamrun S 2
Premier League Sunday 01-Nov-2020 14:00 Centenary 3 Sliema W vs Balzan 1
Premier League Sunday 22-Nov-2020 14:00 Centenary 0 Balzan  vs Floriana 0
Premier League Sunday 29-Nov-2020 14:00 National Stadium 1 Balzan vs Senglea A 1
Premier League Friday 04-Dec-2020 21:15 Centenary 3 Gudja U  vs Balzan 2
Premier League Wednesday 09-Dec-2020 17:00 Hibernians 2 Birkirkara vs Balzan 2
Premier League Sunday 12-Dec-2020 13:00 Centenary 0 Balzan vs Gzira U 2
Premier League Sunday 20-Dec-2020 14:00 National Stadium 2 Hibernians vs Balzan 1
Premier League Tuesday 05-Jan-2021 21:00 Hibernians 1 Balzan vs Sta Lucia 1
Premier League Saturday 09-Jan-2021 18:00 Hibernians 1 Balzan  vs Sirens 0
Premier League Saturday 16-Jan-2021 18:00 Hibernians 0 Balzan  vs Tarxien R 1
Premier League Friday 22-Jan-2021 21:00 Centenary 1 Valletta  vs Balzan 0
Premier League Friday 29-Jan-2021 17:00 Centenary 4 Balzan  vs Mosta 1
Premier League Saturday 06-Feb-2021 14:00 Hibernians 1 Lija A  vs Balzan 1
FA Trophy Wednesday 10-Feb-2021 18:00 Hibernians 1 Balzan  vs Mosta 3
Premier League Sunday 21-Feb-2021 19:00 Centenary 3 Hamrun S vs Balzan 2
Premier League Sunday 28-Feb-2021 14:00 National Stadium 5 Balzan vs Sliema W 1
Premier League Saturday 06-Mar-2021 14:00 Hibernians 0 Floriana vs Balzan 0
Premier League Wednesday 10-Mar-2021 17:00 Centenary 3 Balzan vs Zejtun C 1
Premier League not played       Senglea A vs Balzan  
Premier League not played       Balzan  vs Gudja U  
Premier League not played       Balzan vs Birkirkara  
Premier League not played       Gzira U vs Balzan  
Premier League not played       Balzan vs Hibernians  
Premier League not played        Sta Lucia vs Balzan  
Premier League not played        Sirens vs  Balzan  

Notes :

1) On 11th March 2021 the Premier league was suspended due to the Coronavirus pandemic – COVID-19

2) On 9th April 2021 the MFA EXCO decided to terminate the Premier League without the teams playing their last 7 games.

3) Hamrun Spartans FC were declared as Champions Season 2020/2021

4) Senglea A FC, Lija A FC, Tarxien R FC and Zejtun C FC were relegated to Challenge League.