The MFA Council ratified the decisions and recommendations of the Association’s Executive Committee in relation to the premature termination of football season 2020/21 as well as the ensuing composition of the three divisions.
For season 2021/22 the Premier League will be made up of 12 teams, the Challenge League with 22 teams, and the National Amateur League with the remaining 19 teams. Match-day 1 of the Premier League is scheduled for the week ending 15th August, whilst the rest of the leagues and other competitions will start gradually during the month of September. Other approved competitions for the new football season include the Women’s National League, the National Youth League, the Women’s U19 National League, the FA Trophy, the National Amateur Cup, the National Amateur Super Cup, and the Women’s Knock-Out. A decision on the Youth Knock-Out competitions has been postponed. Details about the draws, the sporting regulatory, and other match-operations information will be announced later.