Balzan Football Club will be holding its Annual General Meeting on Thursday 13th June 2024 at 18:00 at the Balzan FC Training Ground in Guzeppi Cali’ Street, Lija.

During this AGM new committee members will be elected for season 2024/2025.

During the first Committee Meeting the committee members will elect the Executive Committee and delegate persons from the committee for specific duties.


1: Approval of the minutes of the AGM 2022/2023, held on 9th June 2023

2. Approval of the Administrative Reports of the Club and Nursery for Season 2023/2024 

3. Brief of the Financial Report of the Club and Nursery for Season 2023/2024 (not audited) 

4. Amendments to the Club Statute if any.

5. Election of the new committee members for Season 2024/2025

6. The Vice President address and close the AGM

Cirkolari AGM 2024 – 13.06.24