Balzan are now in near desperate situation, having lost their second consecutive game and the fourth so far this season, almost half their games played. This does not augur well for Balzan.

Even though Balzan had the initiative and control of the game for long periods, they failed to score once again. On the other hand St Andrews played meticulously, waiting for their opponents, whose intentions were to win this game. Their defence was rarely in trouble and when they had the opportunity were very dangerous in their breaks.

Balzan started on the offensive and as time passed by it showed that it was not going to be easy for them.

To make matters worse for them, on the 14th minute, St Andrews won a penalty awarded for a handling infringement in the box by Andrija Majdevac. From the penalty spot KEVAUGHN ATKINSON made no mistake.

After the goal, Balzan’s team was all over the place, relying on long balls from the back towards the offensive line in bid to put pressure on their opponents.

However St Andrews were finding open spaces and on the half hour a shot by Aidan Friggieri shot just missed the target.

Andrija Majdevac attempted a header past the half-hour mark but goalkeeper Calleja Cremona found no difficulty in clearing the danger.

A minute from half-time St. Andrews doubled their advantage. St Andrews exposed Balzan’s defensive frailties when a devastating Martin Davis left his marker on the spot before whipping a cross inside the box. Goalkeeper Steve Sultana let the ball slip from his hands and with a great sense of anticipation, KEVAUGHN ATKINSON immediately blasted the ball into empty net from close range.

On the resumption Balzan appeared to be in a state of shock as in the 50th minute St Andrews went close to a third goal when a shot by Martin Davis hit the upright.

In the 54th minute Steven Sultana denied Kevaughn Atkinson from his hat trick with a splendid save.

In the 65th  minute, Kevaughn Atkinson was at the heart of an identical situation and once again, he missed the target as his effort went wide.

Balzan’s only chance came in the 70th minute when Andrija Majdevac’s effort was providentially cleared off the line by At Andrews defender Alex Satariano.

BALZAN : Steve Sultana, Justin Grioli (Lydon Micallef 72’), Alex da Paixao Alves ( Siraj Eddin Arab 88’) , Harry Ascroft, Michael Johnson, Alfred Effiong, Uros Ljubomirac, Elkin Serrano Valero, Ricardo Calixto Correa Duarte (Dale Camilleri 57’), Andrija Majdevac, Milos Lepovic.

ANDREWS: Matthew Calleja Cremona, Alex Satariano, Kevyn Mcfarlane, Ricardo Martin, Travis Blagrove, Aidan Friggieri (Kurt Magro 76’), Kevaughn Atkinson (Jacob Walker 90’), Joseph Farrugia (Karl Pulo 83’), Adrian Borg, Amoy Brown, Martin Davis.

Referee: Emanuel Grech

BOV Player of the Match: Martin Davis (St Andrews)